by Vanessa

ere, you’ll find a curated collection of images that tug at my heart. I remember the way that each of these weddings felt and I treasure my client’s biggest moments in these photos. I know how much thought, care, and consideration went into the undertaking for each of these weddings and I hope you see the genuine moments exuded in each and every one of the images I’ve gathered for you. To gravitate towards my style of photography is the first step in knowing that we could be an excellent partnership. A phone call together could make it official.


I want you to know in your heart that this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Not only was Vanessa a joy to work with in person, but she works in a very timely fashion and her work speaks for itself.

xo, Jackie + Nate

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Temerity Photography is a Chicago, Illinois and Madison, Wisconsin based Wedding, Engagement, and Lifestyle Photographer. Serving Clients Worldwide.

by Vanessa Hurr